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How to measure the bounce rate and volume of mobile users on your website.

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. From your Overview page, select your date range using the calendar on the top right hand side. We’d recommend viewing the past month’s data as it is most recent.
  3. Using the left hand side bar navigation, find the ‘audience’ section, and then within this the ‘mobile’ section. Click on this.GA 1
  4. You will then arrive at the mobile overview page for your selected period of time.
  5. Within this page, look at the ‘sessions’ column. Here you can see the percentage of website visitors that came from different devices (e.g. a desktop computer, mobile or tablet).

    GA 3
    Click to enlarge
  6. The interesting figure to pay attention to here is the percentage next to mobile, which represents the percentage of visitors accessing your website from a mobile device.
  7. Once you have an understanding of the amount of mobile visitors you have, find the column that reads ‘bounce rate’, usually the fourth option along.
  8. Look at the bounce rate specific to mobile and compare if this is higher or lower than the average, which is the larger number at the top.
  9. Dividing the amount of mobile users you have by the difference between these two numbers will demonstrate how many clients and sales your business could be missing out on by not having a mobile friendly responsive website.