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How To: access your Cart Abandonment Report on a eShop 1.0

Accessing your cart abandonment report in your website’s dashboard is a really straightforward process.

Firstly, log into your website by going to website’s URL /admin.php and enter your user name and password, then:

1. Go to Users & Orders > Browse Orders

eshop 1 12. Change the Order Status to Abandoned and Select Search

eshop 1 23. You won’t be able to sort the results within your website’s dashboard but you can easily export to a CSV file at the very bottom of the page. Once you’ve done this, open the file in Microsoft Excel and sort through your data using this program to gain insights on why your carts may be being abandoned by customers.

If your abandoned cart is linked to a customer who is logged into their account, you will be able to retrieve their email address. From here you are able to contact and re-target those abandoned carts in an effort to resurrect the sale and convert through to purchase.

If you would like some help with reducing your cart abandonment rate by improving your website’s conversion rate, get in contact  and we’ll be happy to discuss this further with you.