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5 Ways to Create an Authentic Ecommerce Experience

Ecommerce has, without doubt, become a highly competitive business environment. There are a lot of businesses in the marketing place, the larger players continue to increase the sophistication of their ecommerce strategies, and at the same time online consumers are becoming increasingly savvy.

There are a number of key factors that are influencing the consumer’s decisions and one of the more important ones is the perceived authenticity of your brand, website and product. By addressing this particular aspect of your ecommerce presence you can have a powerful impact on consumers and inevitably increase your sales.

Here are 5 great ways to create an authentic ecommerce experience:

1. Be Proactive About Getting Real Reviews from Real People

When people read third party content like testimonials and reviews on your website it helps build your authenticity and brand trust. What others say about you has always been more important than what you say about yourself. More credible testimonials include personally identifiable information about the reviewer. Featuring testimonials and reviews about product features and benefits will improve measurable click-through rates for each product directly to your shopping cart.

Encouraging reviews on external websites is also a great way to build credibility and trust, however you do need to pay attention and know how to monitor and respond to reviews, especially when you get the odd not so positive one.

2. Putting a Face to Your Brand

Highlighting the faces or people behind your organization shows that you are willing to put your own names and reputations behind your product or service. It establishes a powerful and reassuring sense of confidence in the shopper helping reduce shopper fears that they may get scammed. This is probably the easiest tip to implement on my list but it can have a very strong effect.

3. Consider Using Endorsements

Associating your product or service with an established and trusted brand or person is another way to build your credibility. You can see this type of endorsement in its most simple form on virtually every business website by looking at the logos of other companies that are profiled as partners or suppliers. Don’t forget though, when it comes to 3rd party endorsements you are buying their influence and creating an association with their persona – both good and bad.

4. Boost Your PR

The more people that see you on a big stage the better chance that they will remember you. People realize that all of the major media types; online, TV, radio, and print have to choose what content they produce and what they cover. When they choose you it’s like a vote that you’re important and reputable, and that can obviously build your credibility in the eyes of your consumers. Remember to link to these sources from both your pages and product descriptions when you’re fortunate enough to get mentioned.

5. Encourage Social Engagement

When others speak about your business, share your product photos and online coupons, and like your Facebook page they are in essence voting for your authenticity and importance. The greater the number of people from different sources that vote for your products or services through your social profiles the more authority your business will earn. Encourage social enagement and also profile and display this engagement on your website for visitors to see.

By using the methods above you can build the authenticity of your ecommerce experience which can only lead to an increase in your sales revenue. Start with the ones that are easier to implement and expand into the more time consuming ones.