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Setting up express shipping on a eshop 2.0

Express shipping on an eShop 2.0 is manually configured within your website’s backend. Express shipping is often a more expensive option than standard postage, so as far as your website is concerned this is calculated on a cost per weight basis – the variables of which have to be input manually as a ‘new’ shipping method.

Please click here for a list of express satchel pricing and weight limits with AusPost. International postage would have to be configured using an averaged flat rate for each country and most likely with a courier company.

Weight based shipping allows you to assign shipping rates to different values of an orders total weight.

If you have not assigned a weight to your products, you will need to do so before following this article.

For our example, we will be charging rates between 0 – 10kg, using the following ranges:

0 to 2kg, $15;
– 2 to 5kg, $25;
– 5 to 10kg, (consult the Australia Post calculator for heavier items);

    1. Click on Shipping/Taxes and then Shipping Methods.
    2. Select ‘Add Shipping Method‘.
    3. Fill in your method name (eg. Australia Post Express).
    4. You may also then enter in a Delivery Time, if you would like (eg. 1-2 Business Days).

NOTE: The Delivery Time will show for the client when they are checking out.

5. For Weight Limit, enter in a range for which you would like this method to apply to (eg. 1 – 10kg).

NOTE: You may leave this blank if you do not wish to apply a weight limit to your method.

6. Tick the GST box if tax will apply to your shipping method

7. Press the Save button. Your method will be saved and the page will reload.

8. Above the method name, there is a tab called Shipping Charges. Click this to enter your rates.

9. Select Australia as your location.

10. Under the Weight Dependencies section is where we will be adding the rates.

      1. For ‘More than 0kg‘ enter the rate as $5.
      2. Click on the ‘Add Weight Dependencies‘ button.
      3. Add your weight and price into the fields Eg. More than ‘2‘ kg ‘7‘ Absolute.

This will mean that anything above 2kg will be charged $7.

11. Continue through for the rest of the rates, until you have the following table setup:

12. Once you have done so, you can then press Save down the bottom of the page to complete the setup.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your express shipping method set up in greater detail, please email and we’ll be happy to help.