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Adding a Promo Code in a eShop 1.0

Setting up a promo code is useful for various marketing campaigns you may want to run based on holidays, seasons and so on. A promo code allows any customer who has the code to input it upon checkout and receive either a price or percentage discount on their purchase.

This promo code can be distributed in numerous ways, for example for newsletter subscribers, emailed to individual customers or as an advertising banner on your home page.

To set up a promo code:

  1. Go to “cart settings” and then click on “edit discounts & promo codestep1
  2. Click on the “promo codes” tabstep2
  3. Fill in the details for your promo code, including the name of the campaign, what you want the code to be, the discount amount , the dates between which it will run and so on. The below screenshot shows an example of a campaign that may be run for Valentine’s Daystep3
  4. Click save changes.
  5. Do a test purchase to ensure that inputting the promo code will work and give you the correct discount